Training and eLearning

WorkControl's corporate training courses are business oriented and customized to be aligned with the corporate’s philosophy, values, culture,  objectives. WorkControl trainers invest the time to learn your needs and do our homework, so our learning solutions provide your business with a clear direction and roadmap to increasing productivity, efficiency, staff professionalism and morale, overall communications, and performance.

Our corporate training services include:
    Conduct competency based training needs analysis
    Design or customize a training program to meet the organizational's needs.
    Provide corporate training courses for Entrepreneurial Skills and Leadership, Management Development, Personal Productivity and Development, Functional Training and Execution

Offering the most relevant and timely content delivered by professional trainers, WorkControl provides clients with their choice of customized programs, flexible delivery formats, and continuous learning support to accelerate success.


How WorkControl’s training programs are different from others:

    Best practice and hands-on: we continually benchmark best practice tools and techniques to help students update and solve their current business issues effectively.
    Best in content designers: Our instructional designers and trainers, with experience and insights the from business world, have researched and developed these training courses for students of all types and have consistently achieved measurable business results.
    Proven success: Our training courses result from over 10 years of professional training design and delivery for some of the largest multi-national corporations in the world.
    Clear business objectives, structure and delivery: Our approaches to corporate training designs start with business and functional issues. All business objectives are made clear before we develop contents so the structures and methodologies are developed based on real world business experience  and are goal oriented.