Business Consulting

Whether you are entering new markets, expanding in current markets, or advancing from a small business designation to a medium enterprise, WorkControl’s business consultants can help you to identify your business opportunities and expand your expertise.

We help you analyze the potential opportunities and hidden risks of your present growth strategies by identifying new growth platforms or alternative market channels.  Identifying and capitalizing on opportunities for your current strategy and operations can grow your business and increase profitability. We can find you right partner, investor or distributor for your business.

WorkControl manages a diverse group of talented business consultants in multiple industries. Each WorkControl consultant has extensive professional management experience, as well as an in-depth understanding of the related business verticals.

We are flexible working on a specific one-time project or as an integral member of your team. We will work with you on a fee basis, lump sum, commission, equity or combination thereof.

Management Consulting

WorkControl consultants will work with organizations to define strategy, develop organizational efficiency, and identify improvements. We provide services in Strategic Planning, Change Management, and Business Process Improvement.

Where is your organization heading? What will it be like in 3 or 5 years? How will you take your organization to a totally new level, instead of business as usual?

Through strategic planning sessions, WorkControlTM’s consultants will work with your executive team to develop your organizational direction with near-term, mid-term, and long-term goals, organizational strategies and performance objectives achievable through practical and efficient change and execution.

Organizations are perpetually confronted with the need to change due to increasing global competition, ever demanding customers, and advances in technology. An organization’s ability to successfully manage change is a competitive advantage and a market differentiator.

Whether it is a cultural change, new strategy, process change, or new technology implementation, WorkControlTM’s consultants can provide you with the plan, tools and processes needed to be successful. Our approach to change management minimizes risks and hones the outcomes of changes by identifying and supporting the people, processes, and technologies specific to each transition.

Weak business processes are generally a waste of time and money, and have a negative impact on product or service quality. They can even demoralize your staff when their efforts are overwhelmed by a larger “system” over which they have little individual control.

WorkControlTM’s management consultants will review and assess the functions of your business and help you build and execute efficiency improvements with measurable impact to your organization's bottom line. We utilize best practice industry standards including operations process improvement, Continuous Improvement (CI), Business Process Improvement (BPI), Business Process Management (BPM) and Lean to support and structure a process improvement project.

Executive Coaching

Business leaders are dealing with rapidly changing markets, technologies and workforces, increased financial and legal scrutiny. Top executives who feel they can handle it all by themselves are more likely to burn out, make poor decisions or make no decisions, potentially resulting in significant loss of opportunities, human resources and financial resources.

Savvy business owners and executives have a trusted adviser to help them navigate the struggles and successes of personal and business life, keep stress low and burnout at bay. WorkControlTM executive coaches can help leaders grow and improve performance, reduce or eliminate their blind spots, and implement constructive feedback, not only reducing the likelihood of failure, premature burnout but also provide an atmosphere in which the executive can express fears, failures and dreams.

WorkControlTM’s executive coaches work with business owners and executives to design/redesign your business model, devise a business strategy, develop the business plan, lead the execution, and schedule the periodical strategy/operations/budget reviews to reach goals. By doing this, we systematize your entrepreneurial and management mindset and toolkits, conceptualize and execute business design, and improve strategic thinking. We facilitate problem solving to optimize business performance and profitability.

Solutions for Small and Medium Businesses

Are you an overseas entrepreneur looking for business opportunities in the U.S market or want to use the U.S. market as an export platform for global expansion or brand positioning?

WorkControl can assist your companies with facilitating and promoting US and international business development, marketing and sales representation, using our marketing and business expertise through our network of affiliates, contacts and sales representatives.

Below are examples of consulting services that enhance your business growth:
    Guidance or administrative assistance in processes necessary to achieve a legal business presence in the U.S. (business licenses and permits registration, TIN applications, licensing applications, etc.)
    Assistance in locating, selecting and developing new opportunities and business relationships
    Locating qualified sales representatives, agents, distributors and partners
    Marketing and sales support for developing and expanding markets for your products and services
    Brand building for your products and services in the US market
    Screening and selection of suitable partners for specific products and services based on track record, financial strength and marketing capabilities
    Management, administration and operations for US based offices
    Registration of patents, trademarks, products, logos, or slogans at US PTO