Export Your Fibit Data for Free at WellnessBear.Com

By Trish Vo on 8/15/2016

Dunn Loring, VA – August 15, 2016 - No premium required anymore, this application is offered totally for free to all Fitbit users.

*** The Value of Fitbit data

- Nowadays, no one can deny the value of Fitbit data. There are more and more physicians are formally studying about the relation between people’ health and habit through Fitbit data. Earlier this year, MobiHealthNews estimated that there are over 20 in-progress clinical trials using Fitbit activity trackers to deal with a wide range of health conditions including diabetes, cancer, cystic fibrosis and arthritis (

- The Fitbit data itself cannot change your life or treat your sickness; however, it’s telling you what’s wrong and what you need to do to improve your lifestyle and change your bad habits. By observing the data that Fitbit tracking everyday, you can determines when you reach your goals, see your progress, and see how every bit can make a big impact on your fit, your motivation, and your health. 

*** Features 

- As the last blog on WorkControl website, we proudly announced that Team WorkControl has successfully released the social wellness website in which we integrate with Fitbit platform to:

  • Display activities, sleep, food and water, body and weight, especially resting heart rate data by one week, one month, three months or custom date range up to 90 days

  • Export data to an XLS file for further reference and consideration

  • Display a list of devices that you are using including device type, last sync time, and battery level

  • Enable Fitbit users to run trend reports in activities, heart rate, sleep, foods, and body

  • View profile, badges that you have achieved, and your friends’ average daily steps




*** How to use WellnessBear Fitbit application

- Simply log in to Fibit through website with your Fitbit account.

- Choose an activity or any other categories and specify the time period that you would like to view your data.

- Click on the Export button at the bottom to export data in an XLS file.

*** Privacy Policy 

- We do not store or change any of your Fitbit credentials or data, but we need your approval so that we can provide temporary permission to access to your data. WellnessBear Fitbit application just requests read-only permission from Fitbit and the data will passes straight through from the Fitbit API to you.