New WorkControl-Membership Module is now available

By Trish Vo on 7/14/2016

Dunn Loring, VA – July 14, 2016

We are excited to announce that the first version of WorkControl-Membership have been officially release on DNN store for sale.


***Use Cases

- You are the admin of a DNN website that has about 10,000 users. You are often asked to create new roles and assigned users to new role. With the WorkControl-Membership, you can have your assistants to help manage users and roles without giving the assistants the DNN admin permission.

- You have a sales/marketing team who needs to send out products update to customers. The customers are organized by Roles in the DNN database. With the WorkControl-Membership module, the sales/marketing team can manage the users/roles and then use the Newsletters feature to send out product news to particular DNN roles. It is great tool for Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

- Your intranet is based on DNN. Your DNN database contains up-to-date information about the employee’s address, telephone, and email. With the WorkControl-Membership, you can easily set up the Employee Directory Listing and Search. In the module Settings, you can enable only the users menu visible and grant Intranet users with module View permission so that they can search the directory but cannot change data.

- Suppose you have a company intranet and the employees are grouped by division into role. In your intranet, each division has a home page. You can configure the WorkControl-Membership for use as a Contact list of the division by using role restriction option in the Module Settings. You can also grant Edit permission to the admin division to maintain users and roles.

- You have a complex intranet system with multi-level security roles and pages. You want to make sure that users only have access to page they are suppose to have access to. With Page Permission option, you can list pages that a user or a role can see.

- You want to setup user accounts using data in the external application. The WorkControl-Membership can accept URL parameters such as Username, Last Name, First Name, Email, Display Name, Phone, Password, …

- Your company security guideline dictates separation of duties between system administration and user account administration. The WorkControl-Membership allows you to delegate the account administration to non-admin users so that they do not have access to the DNN Admin menu. 

***Outstanding Features

- Allow users/roles with the “Admin” permission to maintain only users and roles that were assigned to this module. So, those users can only manage certain people that belong to the assign roles. Other users data will not shown up in the list.

- We can also quickly create a new user account by using the Copy User button. The new created account will popup with the same username, display name, and was assigned to the same role(s) as the user that was copied from, what we need to do is just modify any necessary information.

- Besides that, we also have custom settings screen (below pictures) so that the admin/super user can easily control how users/roles with the “Admin” permission can do on this module such as what they can do with other user accounts, roles, role groups, and what menus they can see on the screen.


There are also many other useful features. So, please check out our product page on WorkControl website or on the DNN store for more information and get it the today. Yayyyyyyyyyy!!!